Our services

We provide comprehensive solutions for customers’ specific needs while applying best practice to ensure rapid deployment, business continuity, reliability and scalability.

  • Wireless Network

    We connect people with no compromise. Always on, always fast that is our mission statement in providing pure connectivity.we have gone an extra mile where we connect your home or business with a wireless link to the nearest Fibre Point of Presence giving you the benefits of true Fibre-broadband, no catch. We are bringing fibre to the people one sector at a time

  • software development

    our professional Developers, designers and coders provide Custom software development for mobile, websites, blockchain, and enterprise apps that will take your business into next level.

  • Content Service Providers

    we are a leading service provider for Bulk SMS services, USSD, short codes and voice service

  • Cloud services

    cloud services rely mostly on connectivity and for this we have partnership with other companies to ensure that we provide you with the most reliable, fast and secure place to host your services .

  • ICT consultancy

    UAS helps clients to optimise their ICT strategy, ensuring their computing needs are at the heart of any and activities to facilitate digital proficiency.

  • Cybersecurity

    We will protect your business with leading global technologies to ensure that your company as well as your employees and customer are protected against cyber attacks

At UAS we bring diverse group of innovative professionals together and combine our shared passion for creating beautiful things that will make the lives of people better. We are at toe of seeing we achieve big by utilizing the power of technology and pushing boundaries of traditional narrative through cutting-edge technology